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Using Silent Mode to Prevent Hard Drive Usage

I have NIS 2015 installed. It is constantly making the hard drive run. I run for expended periods of time. During this time it was choking my computer, making it run extremely slowly. The hard drive usage is evident in the screen shot of the Task Manager I have attached.

I finally tried putting NIS into silent mode and the hard drive thrashing finally stopped and the computer is running fine. I believe the computer is still protected in Silent Mode.

If this is correct, is there any problem with running Silent Mode full time to get back my computer performance?

Thanks for any thoughts.

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Re: Using Silent Mode to Prevent Hard Drive Usage

Hi,Madmax2699. You are still protected while Silent Mode is on. For more detail, go to the Silent Mode option and click on the ? icon.

You can also turn the Idle Time Optimizer off, and also go through your settings and disable any options you don't want/need.

That will stop Norton phoning home so much.

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Re: Using Silent Mode to Prevent Hard Drive Usage

Thank you for your reply. I wish there was a way to keep Silent Mode on permanently. My computer runs a whole lot better when it is turned off.

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Re: Using Silent Mode to Prevent Hard Drive Usage

Hi Madmax2699:

Further to F4E's comments, turning off Silent Mode for extended periods of time could prevent your system from running important idletime background tasks like Norton Insight and Automatic LiveUpdates and prevent your system from automatically receiving updates for file trust ratings and virus definitions.  These tasks are listed at Performance | Norton Tasks and should only run when your system is idle (unfinished tasks will be temporarily paused until your system goes back into idle), so you must run these tasks manually if you turn on Silent Mode permanently (Settings | General | Silent Mode Settings) or turn on Silent Mode for long periods throughout the day.

As F4E noted, many Norton users disable the Norton disk defragmenter (Settings | General | Norton Tasks | Idle Time Optimizer) and let Windows handle their disk defrags, and the monthly Full System Scan can be rescheduled to run at a convenient time when your system will be idle (or disabled and run manually at a time of your choosing), but if you are seeing high disk activity by nis.exe outside of system idles then there could be a problem with your Norton installation or a conflict with another software program on your computer.  If you suspect that nis.exe is causing high disk activity outside of system idles, please post a screenshot of your Norton Performance graph (if you wish, screen captures can be edited in image editors like Windows Paint and posted as instructed in Andmike's thread How to Post an Image in the Forums) showing one of these periods of high activity.  Note that yellow peaks are Norton-related activity while blue peaks are associated with other non-Norton programs, and clicking in any peak will give you a pop-up showing what specific executables are responsible for the activity. If you see that Norton is running constantly during system idles you might be able to identify the specific task (e.g., Full System Scan, Insight Optimizer, etc.) by going to Performance | Norton Tasks and checking the Last Run date/time of your background tasks.

Regarding the screenshot in your original post, Do LogMeIn.exe and LogMeInSystray.exe always appear in Task Manager, and if so did Norton Customer Service recently run a remote access session on your computer?  Secondly, do you have a paid version of Mawarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) Premium running in real-time on your computer (i.e., does mbamservice.exe and mbam.exe always load at Windows startup)? If so, most MBAM Premium users in this forum find that their Norton and MBAM programs work well together but you might find that your nis.exe activity decreases when you add real-time scan exclusions to reduce possible conflicts between Norton and MBAM.  If you are an MBAM Pro/Premium user, general instructions are posted <here> in the MBAM forum for creating exclusions in your antivirus and MBAM programs, but post back if you require specific instructions for creating scan exclusions with NIS.
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