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This forum thread needs a solution.

NIS blocking Raxco.com

Why is Symantec blocking Raxco ?? http://www.raxco.com/

Absurd nonsense: robots not humans.

How many times does this have to raised as an issue ( since at least 22-5-15 ) before anyone at symantec listens !!

OOOoooo I have just posted a bad link in the forum...really

As an addendum, how can I take that site -or any other that symantec decides is bad- out of 'being blocked'



Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com

Hi, Longboard. Maybe this is why.


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Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com


Look closer 

"Blacklisted (10 Blacklists Checked): Indicates that a major security company (such as Google, McAfee, Norton, etc) is blocking access to your website for security reasons. "

LOL, then a request for money: "Please see our recommendation below to fix this issue and restore your traffic."

Try these:



AVG clean

Webroot Lookup = clean

Comodo clean

Trend Micro clean

Is It Hacked clean

You think Symantec robots cant make mistakes ?

I use raxco products and have notified them re the blacklist.

Love it: Symantec blacklists a site with an automated scanner, another site offers to fix it for a fee.

Symantec, IMO, has serious legal obligations and liabilities if they are going to block e-commerce sites

I hope Raxco sues the arse off Symantec if this is proved wrong

Check with these tools if you want: Symantec is the 'standout"



Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com

Domain clean by the Sucuri Malware Labs blacklist: raxco.com

Longboard:  Why is Symantec blocking Raxco ??

Historical reputation data about the website.

[..] we let you know how safe a particular Web site might be before you view it
find out more about how a Web site might behave, we provide [...]



Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com


I have requested that the site be retested. Thanks.

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Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com


The Safe Web Team retested the domain for that company and it is still rated as malicious. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to the users of their products.

Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit NSBU Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com

LOOOOL: still doesnt make it right. Raxco hosts an app labelled Keylogger.exe ( duh) as part of PerfectGuard for testing ... http : // download.raxco . com / keylogger-simulator Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ocwNN_BTKk Seriously, Symantec needs to get a grip Not the first time .... Not the last time.... Nonsense rating Obviously Symantec cant admit mistake Ah well, I've done what I can: again, I hope Symantec is actually paying attention here I dont work for Rxco, I just use some of their tools... Where are Symantec staff responding to this rubbish ? regards


Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com


Console_Ops27 Employee Jun 3


We have manually analyzed the domain 'raxco.com' and found to be malicious.



I have copied this as it was a message to me. Therefore, it doesn't look like the other messages from Symantec Employees. I didn't copy their Avatar. But it's the real McCoy.

Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit NSBU Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com

Zulu report > hxxp://download .raxco.com/  <here>

Suspicious Domain name     URL Domain: raxco has suspicious character score
Suspicious FQDN String Match     Suspicious pattern found  


Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com

I am about to give up

@flopot and bjm: thanks for your efforts

I am a loooong time Norton/Symantec user; along with the good, I have seen many mistakes and botches.

I am a long time Raxco user and have had nothing but good experiences with the Company which is sort of why I'm pushing this a little.

I loathe misinformation
Let's put it this way:
What does this mysterious threat really mean ?
What is this "virus" identified as?
Where is it hosted ?
What retail product is it bundled with ?
Why is symantec keeping this a secret ?

I know Raxco is aware of this listing and it is causing them some problems.

There is no malware on the Raxco.com site, no driveby, no id theft, no scraping.

Raxco Software is accredited by United States Better Business Bureau (BBB) since December 22, 2011 and has a rating of A+. BBB reported that there was only one complaint filed and closed against Raxco Software in the last three years.

Raxco Software is ranked 152,631 globally and 61,169 in the United States based on the three-month Alexa traffic ranking. Alexa also reported that the site has 1,279 external sites linking to it. Site Analytics Compete reported that Raxco Software has around 15,007 monthly unique visitors (UVS) and they are ranked 101,876 in UVS. While the site's Google PageRank is a very good five out of possible ten.

Even google agrees.


Careful with that Kool-aid eh.

Try again


PS I see that some cool dude has accused a "bot" of posting all those 5 star ratings on the web site: tool.


Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com

LOL, all this free publicity for Raxco !!


Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com


Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com


Threat Name:




If Raxco cleans up that ftp, then I can ask for another retesting. Some one from Raxco should come to the Forum and then they could see the malware that was found.

This rating has nothing to do with the tools that they sell. It has to do with the website itself, not the number of visitors to the site over the years. I doubt that this malicious rating has always been what it is. It is probably that download that is causing the problems. Just my opinion.

Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit NSBU Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: NIS blocking Raxco.com

This is a known malicious web site.


Yes: See above posts as detailed wrt to the "malware"

That is a demo tool for Perfect guard: I hope you have bravely passed through the libelous websafe page, risking life, limb and computer safety and actually looked ?

I'm just a p'od end user.

I'm sure Raxco is working 'with' Symantec

The point is this is a nonsense by any standard.

I'll leave it now.

Thx again.

Hopefully any one who googles "raxco malware" will end up here and find some comfort.


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