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Sever Error -500 Fix Doesn't Work

Windows 8.1

Norton 360, latest version

Every time I try to log into my Vault, I have to first log into my Norton Account.  Each time I get "Sever Error Code -500, we are working on a solution, please try again later".  A "Fix" was supposed to be released July 16th.  I've tried the "fix", it said that it was a success but the problem still isn't fixed.  Can't log into my Vault because I can't log into my Norton Account.  I've tried CHAT.  The first Chat rep concluded that the latest version of 360 had a "problem" and reverted to an older version of 360. 

But every time I closed the internet and reopened it later on, I had to log in. 

The second Chat rep, in closing some of the unnecessary internet pages accidently closed the Chat itself. 

The third Chat rep, lost contact due to power failure during a thunder storm. 

Problem still exists with latest version of 360, still can't log into my Norton Account, thus I can't open my Vault. 

I hope someone can help resolve this problem. 

I've been with Norton well over 20 years but it seems that every time Norton releases a newer version, it's released without any sort of testing.  It's just a rush to get the newer version out to it's customers and fix any problems if and when they occur.  My subscription expires in May of 2016, I'm very seriously considering jumping ship and going to McAfee.  I just don't trust Norton any longer, they've let me down way to many times.

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Re: Sever Error -500 Fix Doesn't Work

Hi. Have you completely shut down your computer ? Windows 8 requires that, so Norton and other programs can update properly.

Also, it is suggested Fast Start be disabled.

Your update may well have become corrupted, so you may wish to use the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool, which will give you a fresh copy.  http://www.norton.com/nrnr

If used, please read the Before you begin note, and run Live Update after until no more are found. Reboot again.



Windows 10 Home X 64 Norton Security Premium Latest Version

Re: Sever Error -500 Fix Doesn't Work

Hi @trustnoONE,

I've sent you a private message via the forum requesting more info.  Please check it when you get a chance.

Sunil G A
Norton Forums Administrator
Symantec Corporation

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation
Accepted Solution

Re: Sever Error -500 Fix Doesn't Work

Well the old saying the squeaky wheel will eventually get fixed. 

To those that offered suggestions, I appreciate everyone's help.  After running each live update I always restart my computer, unfortunately each time the results were the same.

Miracle upon miracles, Norton finally must have released "the patch" that was promised back on the 16th of July.  After a restart, this time the live update and patch resolved the issue. 

Why couldn't Norton have released a newer version of Norton 360 that was error free in the first place?  New releases apparently need more testing before they're released.

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