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Firefox Add-on -- NIS vs. Norton Security

I currently have NIS, Windows 7.

For almost a year, the Norton Toolbar / Identity Safe add-on has caused problems for me with Firefox (always the latest version of both FF and the Norton add-on).  The symptom is that after browsing awhile with the add-on enabled, FF becomes sluggish, e.g. scrolling is delayed and choppy.  With the add-on disabled, I do not encounter FF sluggishness.  The problem persisted even when I tried temporarily disabling all my other FF add-ons in case one of them was conflicting with the Norton add-on.  So I keep the Norton add-on disabled most of the time, even though I wish I didn't have to do that.  

My question:  Is there any reason to believe this problem will likely resolve if I either (1) switch from NIS to Norton Security, or (2) do a *full* uninstall-reinstall of NIS?  (It would be much easier for me to do an NIS full uninstall-reinstall than to do a Firefox [plus add-ons] reset/recover/reconfigure.)


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Re: Firefox Add-on -- NIS vs. Norton Security

Hi Ardmore,

I am not an avid FF user, so what you say about FF is beyond my knowledge - however, some food for thought.

If you upgrade to Norton Security from NIS, by most common advise, since you are having problems with the current install of NIS, you should uninstall NIS, run the Norton Removal Tool and then install Norton Security.  I do not recommend an over the top install of NS if you are experiencing problems with NIS.

This is the same procedure you would use with a "full" uninstall-reinstall of NIS.  So either way you will end up running the Norton Removal Tool - and do a clean install - be it NIS or NS - either way the same the clean install may help your situation.

I guess you have a decision to make. 

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Re: Firefox Add-on -- NIS vs. Norton Security

As long as you have updated your NIS to the 22.5x.x version, the inner workings of NIS and the newer NS are the same. The only differences are the number and types of devices covered by the two licenses. Norton security allows you to install on mobile phones and tablets. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Firefox Add-on -- NIS vs. Norton Security

Thanks peterweb.  Between this information and Yank's helpful reply I think I have my answers.  I'll mark this as the solution since the question of whether the situation I described might improve simply by switching from NS to NIS possibility was really my top reason for posting.

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