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Norton Renewal

Hi  Need to renew my 360 Premium  but it says is £69.99 for renewal    Looked on Norton store and it says its been replaced by Norton Security Premium  which  is worth £59.99.  (special offer at the mo at £39.99)  If i renew do i get the 39.99 for 69.99 or keep the 360 which I'm used too  or do I have  to uninstall 360 then download the new one   or is Norton just trying to rip me off . Im angry and confused at the moment.


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Renewal

Hello Confuzed1

If you buy the Norton Security Premium, it will uninstall your N350 Premium as part of the install process.  The N360 programs have been discontinued but are available the Norton Store for renewals only. The Norton Security Premium is good for 10 devices including PC, Mac, iPhone, Android Phones and tablets. You can usually find good deals in regular stores or legal online sites. There is no CD with the Norton Security Premium. It is available by download only.


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Re: Norton Renewal

Many thanks for your reply and time taken .   It is much apreciated

Kind Regards


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