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Identity Safe

I just started to use Identity Safe as I find several of the websites I use the passwords keep changing.

My problem is that the Identity Safe feature does not work in any way. It sends me to a website to create a new password (which is ok) and I register it in Identity safe. I can no longer log into the website, even after a day waiting.

I have reverted to allowing my browser (firefox) to save all log in data as Norton fails to do so.

It does create passwords but refuses to save them in the app.

I was hoping it would work so I could carry it over to my smart phone.
I am running windows 10 by the way.



Re: Identity Safe

If you are using Firefox browser, you cannot use the ID Safe feature from the Toolbar at this time. See this post for details.

Try using IE or Chrome to test the vault functionality.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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