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How to setup Norton Firewall Win 8 for home, barebones inet

I have a win8 laptop and it seems as though there's a bunch of suspicious stuff going on it,,,,like connections to Russia, new accounts being made, my permissions changing, etc. So, I bought Nortons and want to setup a nice firewall to keep others out of my pc. My home now only has one pc, one printer I never use, a modem and a home router,,,,all i do is cruze the internet daily. I'm on it a lot each day. I have no need to share files or remote, and such. Can you show me how to setup a firewall for this? Thanks!

Also I use Chrome and office games, no phone,etc


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Re: How to setup Norton Firewall Win 8 for home, barebones inet

The Norton Firewall is a "smart" firewall and will handle all of the network traffic monitoring for you.  It needs no setup and, in most cases, changes made to the settings by inexperienced users will do more harm than good.  For the best results, just leave the firewall settings alone.

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Re: How to setup Norton Firewall Win 8 for home, barebones inet

Further to what SOJ has said,  I would run a full scan to see if any malware is picked up.

Installing Norton on a possibly infected computer can cause problems.

Any issues come back to us, and we can advise further.

After the install make sure you run Live Update until no more are found, and then reboot.

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Re: How to setup Norton Firewall Win 8 for home, barebones inet


With the description of the issues you are seeing, there is a good possibility that your laptop has malware. It is best to install a new security program on a clean machine. I would suggest that you bring it to one of the free malware removal sites to have it checked out. If it has malware, they will help you to clean it up. If it has no malware, then you will have peace of mind that it is clean. Please pick one of these sites and stay with it until it is clean.

Please see this link for an up to date description of these sites plus the addition of a newly listed site formed by one of our successful malware remover users. The new site is listed first in this link.

Once the machine is clean, please remove any other security program by using the control panel method and then the removal tool from the previous security vendor.

Once the machine is clean, then you can install your Norton product. Please use an admin account to install the program. The program will install itself. You will have to enter the product key and create a Norton Account if you do not have one yet. The fire wall will pretty much setup itself. You will have to make sure that it sets up the correct type of connection that you have, that it is the right type of network. Since you have a printer, you might have to reinstall the printer installation program in case the printer doesn't work.

Please turn off Fast Startup .

Please read this link for instructions.

If you have any more questions, please come back and ask some more.



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