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Norton Security 7.0.1 f26 gripes: No offline downloader or "Live Update" status

I've used Norton for at least 15 years, and am REALLY annoyed with the latest version of Norton Security for Mac.

For the benefit of other who have used the latest version of Norton Security for Mac...

It all started when the NFMwps service suddenly stopped working (throwing errors for the extensions / add-ons in browsers) and the only way to fix is to uninstall and reinstall the whole damn product. (Through the Looking Glass into the realm of MS Windows).

1) download #2 (1st re-install): didn't fix the problem & only way to stop the Live Update (after 200+MB) was to crash the Mac

2) online support: need to use the special Norton uninstall utility, and THEN reinstall

3) download #3 (2nd re-install): fixed the NFMwps problem, but Norton Security threw up all sorts of "fix now" messages that failed because (after 300+MB) the download still wasn't done!

4) online support: no offline downloader available; latest update is 100+MB

5) uninstall and download #4 (3rd re-install): everything works - Live Update was between 350-400MB! and this is immediately after a fresh install that was <100MB! WTF?!

Obviously Norton developers don't have to pay for metered internet connections!  Newsflash Norton / Symantec - not everyone has a fat pipe with unlimited download quotas! 

Please fix this:

1) You've improved the Live Update to death - there is now no way of telling how big the download is, or how far it has progressed - just a big fat blue bar saying "downloading"

2) Allow users (you know - the people who buy your products that pay for your wages) to cancel (or pause) the download gracefully, and  your software pick it up where it left off.

3) Allow scans irrespective of how long its been since a "Live Update" - because that's better than your product effectively dying with a leg in the air. 

4) Release an offline downloader .dmg! This strategy has helped people who have to "sip the internet through a straw" for years.

OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite); Win10-Pro; Win7-Ultimate; Win7-Home; Norton Security 7.0.1



Re: Norton Security 7.0.1 f26 gripes: No offline downloader or "Live Update" status

Yes, Symantec, please fix the miserable behavior of what should be a flagship product for your company. Norton BEGAN on the Macintosh and has been a 'red-headed step-child' ever since you decided to put the majority of your resources into the Windows platform after it once again (mistakenly) was viewed that Apple was a dying company and that the Mac was already dead. Your obvious either inability or unwillingness to put the kind of commitment into the product that the platform deserves is discouraging at best. Just because the Windows platform still has a greater market share in the desktop arena than Apple doesn't make it OK to skimp on product development concerning the "Computer for the Rest of Us" by making an afterthought anti-virus product for the "least of us". I realize that OS X is 'not our father's OS' (heck, I'm my own grandpa in relation to this product) but Norton Security for Macintosh is an embarrassment and not befitting the world's best computing platform from the most profitable company in the world. As I have been composing this post (about 15+ minutes now) the Live Update screen has been displaying (still!) it's blue progress bar telling me that it's downloading but I'm betting that if and when it ends it will say that it was unable to do the update due to an error - exactly as it has been doing for nearly 2 days now! (just checked: still 'downloading'... sheesh!) I've been with Symantec along time on both platforms but my patience is wearing ever thinner. Get the picture?

P.S. Just checked again and sure enough: got the same error message and to "Try Again". Arrghhhh!


Re: Norton Security 7.0.1 f26 gripes: No offline downloader or "Live Update" status

I have the same issue, and nobody from Symantec will answer anything in this Forum...just a bunch of us blind leading the blind types.  They don't do much better on the Windows side, but, the Windows version is a lot more full-featured.  Not really happy with this company and their lack of support.

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