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Remove and Re-install prompt

I had an issue with my Norton 360 a few days ago. As it had stopped working I decided to use the remove and re-install tool, however the problem proved larger than expected and consequently Norton was unable to re-install. To cut a long story short I eventually fixed the problem, obviously remove and reinstall wouldn't run again because I had no product to remove so I re-installed from the original files and all is well. Except every time I turn on my computer I get a remove and re-install prompt, because obviously it never finished its whole sequence the first time. I am loathed to remove and re-install just to make it go away, how can I stop this happening?




Re: Remove and Re-install prompt

Hello JC Anderton

You could use the Norton Removal Tool, but that will remove all Norton products. First remove it using the control panel and restart. Then use the Removal Tool and restart..Back up your ID Safe first if you use that feature. You can reinstall your Norton product by using your Norton Account. There is a Download button in there., Please remember to run Live Update until there are no more updates and then restart.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Remove and Re-install prompt

Hi JC Anderson,

AFAIK, the NRT will not remove the NRnR Tool because it is not an installed program.

I had that exact same situation occurring on my Vista Laptop after a failed running of NRnR Tool.  Drove me nuts for a few days.  Looked everywhere to see where it was coming from:

Program and Features - Nope

MSCONFIG > startup - Nope

Checked Users Public Download files etc - Nope

Finally found it in Task Scheduler in the Task Scheduler Library under Norton Remove and Reinstall.  The task was set to begin at every logon.  By selecting the Task (where it shows Name/Status/Trigger etc and then going to the lower portion of the ACTIONS block and selecting Delete, the Block for Norton Remove and Reinstall showed empty.  A reboot and log on confirmed that the task no longer ran on startup.

Hope that is clear - if not ask and I'll attempt t get some images for you.

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