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This forum thread needs a solution.

Browser advertisement maybe textenhance


i have a problem with my firefox
, because there are different words highlighted. When i go with the mouse over these words some advertisement apears (see picture attached). Please help me to remove these maleware with my norten from my system:


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Re: Browser advertisement maybe textenhance

Firstly, please do NOT try any 'quick fixes' or to solve this yourself.

It sounds like it's time to sign up for assistance from one of the free malware removal sites.  Please pick one and stay with them until your system is clean.


Windows 10 x64 1903

Re: Browser advertisement maybe textenhance

@AndrPfaff: there's difference between malware and adware and other greyware/riskware. Malware could not be cleaned via traditional measures, such as Windows' own uninstall utility "Uninstall or change". And, usually, the latter terms could be uninstallable. Yet, such "house cleaning" might require some computer skills. For example, a complete un-install of Reimage Repair might include the Reimage Protector removal. Because that said "Protector" program could be installed as an extra offer when performing Reimage Repair uninstall.

Additionally, you met a misleading & risky landing page (LP). This even happens to some 'security' website:

 Should I Remove It? is a good download to help you decide what programs you don't need.

So, is it that really good? Test it for yourself.

After all, they are avoidable: just be very cautious when surfing...

UPDATE: Reimage successfully added Reimage Protector to Program Files folder without ANY notification.

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