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This forum thread needs a solution.

Several text files / images removed by repuration score


I did a fresh installation of Norton Internet Security, updated the signatures and started a complete system scan.

Checking the results after I got some kind of headache - countless files are removed for WS.Repuration.2 reason - not put to quarantine, just completly removed. And there are graphics files among (gif, png - which are really that what they are supposed to be) and plain text files, like log files and even css.

I add a screenshot of partly result.

With "normal" quarantine, I would be able to "revive" those files - even it would be nasty to do this stupid work on so many files. But these are removed at all.

1) So, how to get back my files?

2) Why is the reputation check jumping in text files?

Kind regards,




Re: Several text files / images removed by repuration score

Just a short note: Even background images from windows public folder are removed!


Re: Several text files / images removed by repuration score

Hi Christopher,

Please perform the below additional actions:

1. Try disabling NIS's real-time protection temporarily:

2. Try restoring those quarantined files manually.

3. IMPORTANT: Make the below change to Folder Options - BTW, what OS are you using? Win10? - If so, please Google how to disable "Fast Startup" in your Win10.

  • click on Organize
  • choose Folder and search options
  • hit View tab
  • UNCHECK "Hide extensions for known file types"

(This img works for Win7. If you're running a Win10 computer, view the one below.)

(Open Windows Explorer > View > Options)

4. Now, re-check those flagged files. Please take a close look at the file extension!

5. Run LiveUpdate until you get all items installed. Restart your system when ready.

6. Check whether your problems are still happening after that. 

7. Chances are you met false positives from your NIS, then please use this link to fix that. Meantime, make the best of "Items to Exclude from Scans".

As to the detection re WS.Repuration.2, you may read this thread.

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support.

Please post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. THX...

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Re: Several text files / images removed by repuration score

Hi, thank you for your assistance.

File extensions are switched on on my system, updates are all done.

I now restored some of the files from the Quarantine (there are a lot of them!) and checked them manually - they are just simple text files as assumed. For example one quarantined css looks like this:

".vloggedin { display: none; } .vloggedout { display: inline; }"

That's all.

Sure, I can put the found files on my white list - but (a) they are a lot, (b) who assures me that tomorrow there is not the next rush of text files Norton thinks it's suspicious because of reputation? And hey, (c) it is just a text file.

Those files have a low reputation, because they are some kind unique (self written css or php scripts) and they are old (mostly around 3 years ago). The problem arose when starting a full sytem scan (what I did not do for years).

The link you posted is on Reputation.1 - is there a difference to Reputation.2?

And I remember the time, when you were able to disable reputation based scoring. Where is this option gone? I am quite sure, I set this in the past.

Kind regards, Christopher

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