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What Does System Refresh Do To Norton?

I have an Acer with Windows 8.1.  This morning the computer did updates when I was turning it on.  This happened twice consecutively, which was a bit odd.  However, I wouldn't have thought too much of it.  Then, I got frustrated and shut it off in the middle of the updates.  The computer was not turning on for a while, just the start up spinning wheel.  Needless to say, I got very frustrated as I was in the middle of a work assignment.  Then, I opted to do system refresh to restore it, albiet somewhat impulsively as I was rather frustrated with the fact that it wasn't even turning on.  I wasn't sure what system refresh was, but it said it was an option for a computer that is "not running right" in other words.  Now that I did that, the computer came on and appears to be working fine.  However, it shows the McAfee that the computer came with.  The Norton files are there, but it isn't installed.  Needless to say, it was quite annoying, and I wonder what this means most likely? 

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Re: What Does System Refresh Do To Norton?

If your PC isn't performing as well as it once did, and you don't know why, you can refresh your PC without deleting any of your personal files or changing your settings.


If you upgraded your PC from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and your PC has a Windows 8 recovery partition, refreshing your PC will restore Windows 8. You’ll need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 after the refresh has finished.


Apps you installed from websites and DVDs will be removed. Apps that came with your PC and apps you installed from the Windows Store will be reinstalled. Windows puts a list of removed apps on your desktop after refreshing your PC.


You will need to uninstall McAfee and reinstall Norton


Re: What Does System Refresh Do To Norton?

You should have a ran a system restore. A system refresh brings your pc back to the state it was when you first bought it. 


Re: What Does System Refresh Do To Norton?


Part 1. Windows Updates:

I have an Acer with Windows 8.1.  This morning ( Posted: 16-Dec-2016 ) the computer did updates when I was turning it on.  This happened twice consecutively

Seems that your Windows 8.1 "contacted" Windows Update server successfully. For related info, you may read this Patch Tuesday.

Patch Tuesday (a.k.a. Update Tuesday) is an unofficial term used to refer to when Microsoft regularly releases security patches for its software products...

Patch Tuesday occurs on the second, and sometimes fourth, Tuesday of each month in North America. As far as the integrated Windows Update (WU) function is concerned, Patch Tuesday begins at 18:00 or 17:00 UTC (10:00 PST (UTC−8) or 10:00 PDT (UTC−7)...

Then, avoid the automatic download and/or installation, you may customize your Acer this way:

To do that, access the below path: Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Update\Change settings and, you choose the highlighted option above.

Install those updates in your spare time.

Part 2. To completely uninstall McAfee, you should try using Consumer Products Removal tool first and check your Firefox to see if  (McAfee) Secure Search is left in the "1-click search engines" list. For complete story, you may read this post.

Part 3. And to make a clean/new backup, try the below steps:

Step 1 ~ 2:

  • uninstall the pre-installed McAfee by following the Part 2 above;
  • restart when ready;

Step 3 ~ 7:

  • Copy and paste the below URL norton.com/latestns in browser's address bar, follow the on-page directions to complete the download of Norton Security (NS).
  • Disable Fast Startup in your 8.1 system; reboot when ready.
  • Run the download setup file for NS as the admin user, follow and complete the installation process. If you have trouble getting this step done, plz read this KB.
  • restart > run LiveUpdate (LU) until you get all Norton-related updates installed.
  • (Optionally:) check Windows Updates manually; install those items later. Reboot to make the updates take effect.

Step 8 ~ 11:

Step 12 ~ 15:

  • Re-check Norton-related update(s) by running LU again
  • Run your 8.1 in its Safe Mode; scan your system for any potentially hidden/remained threats
  • (Recommended:) disable the internet connection by unplugging internet cable
  • Go back to the normal mode, back up your 8.1 when ready.

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support.

Please post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. THX...

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