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Automatic Live Update not working

Hello community;

I am using Norton Internet Security version (paid), and am concerned that it does NOT update virus definitions automatically, even though I have selected this feature in my NIS preferences.

I've seen one user with this same problem posted, but without a solution:   Although I can manually access 'Live Update' to update virus definitions (which I have done sporadically,) NIS does not do this automatically, like it should.    'Live Update Channel' = "Traditional".  Running Windows 10.

Can someone point me in the right direction for help?




Re: Automatic Live Update not working

When you open Norton History and select "Show: LiveUpdate" from the dropdown list, are you not seeing LiveUpdate instances other than your manual ones?  Clicking each entry and selecting "More Options" > "Total Updates Applied" will show you what types of updates you received.  Virus signature updates are shown as SDS Definitions.


Re: Automatic Live Update not working


On the weekends, there may be only 1 SDS Definition Update a day.


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