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Norton Core - Sonos Thread

Setup is a Sonos 5.1 in the living room and a Play 1 upstairs with a Sonos Bridge hard wired to the Core.  The Core reports all Sonos speakers tied to the Bridge and the Bridge itself.


Sonos PLAY 1

Sonos PLAY 3

Sonos PLAY 3

Sonos SUB


By default they were not managed, unsure of the security implications (were these packets being sniffed?), I had to set each to managed.  I had reservations about running through the Boost Bridge, would the Core see each Speaker or just the Bridge, but can confirm each speaker on the network shows up with the type set to "Music Player." 



Re: Norton Core - Sonos Thread

I had a similar Sonos configuration to OP. 

Initially, although all Sonos components had registered and indicated they were "Online", I was unable to play any music (radio stations). Every time I attempted to connect to a radio source, I could see it attempting to connect (via modem light activity), but would eventually fail and say (something like) "unable to play music".

I just went on to confirm connectivity on 2 of my other PCs which took about 15 minutes or so. 

After that, I tried Sonos again, and it connected perfectly with no problems and has worked fine ever since.

I imagine, because the Sonos Bridge/Boost sets up its own internal network for its connected devices, that it had to do some kind of reconfiguration with the new network ... maybe, maybe not. But the bottom line is I just let it "sit" for 15 to 30 minutes and my Sonos system began working without me having to do any configuration changes to Norton Core.

Hope this helps ...

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