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Norton Family running on Windows 10 pc blocks config.pprx.work when connected to the internet. Sends an alert every 5 minutes of another attempt to access this location as long as the pc is connected to the internet. Don't know what it is, what app is trying to launch it, or whether it's something Family is trying to do. No other device with Family installed does this. Anybody seen this or have a solution. Support wasn't very helpful the one time I actually got to someone.



Re: config.pprx.work

Could you forward the alert email to me? I am not certain what it is based on the details given.



Re: config.pprx.work

Hi gdad4some

We have sent you a private message and waiting for your response.

Best Regards


Re: config.pprx.work

@gdad4some  According to this article this is traffic concerning a multimedia file or configuration being sent to Internet, and used by Expression Studio 2.0. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc294539.aspx therefore I would think its safe. FYI, these suites are a discontinued software suite.

You didn't mention whether you have a Express Studio installed or a Norton antiviral product installed alongside Norton Family. Therefore I would perform a PUP scan with Malwarebytes just to ensure there isn't anything funny taking place. Reboot after the scan has finished and you have removed anything it finds. Recheck for the outgoing traffic again.



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