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This forum thread needs a solution.

Unable to verify Shopify page


I have a website, hosted by Shopify, using a paid .studio domain name.

Everytime I log onto my own website, Norton redirects to 

"Scam Insight: Personal Information Risk"

"No known threats were found on this site, but...

"It asks for personal information and is not well established with the Norton Community. Use caution about entering any of your information on this site."

When clicking "Continue To Site" it redirects to an Error Page Not Found

I have added a meta tag in the correct location to verify ownership of the webpage, however, Norton is still unable to verify.

I have tried this for a number of weeks now, but to no avail, and currently, my traffic to my website has diminished dramatically, and i am losing a great deal of business and trust within the marketplace. This is costing financially. Please look into this

Thank you



Re: Unable to verify Shopify page

Hello Mryder

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

Before I may assist you, I do need the name of your website. The Scam Insight page is there because it is a new webpage and there hasn't been enough Norton customers who have visited the website yet. I just visited someone else's website and I went into the website without a problem. What browser are you using.? Can you please post a screenshot of the troublesome webpage?

Here are the instructions on how to add a image to your post.


Have a Good Night and


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