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Device List in "My Norton"

I'm new to this forum and I have a question regarding the device-list on the Norton Website.
Most of my computers are correctly shown in the device tab.
But for some reason my two main PCs are not working correctly.

I reinstalled norton security several times and used the official Uninstall/Reinstall Tool form Symantec.
But if I install Norton Security on the second pc or even renew the abo, than the first one gets lost in devices tab.
Perhaps it could have something to do with my windows installation. The second pc is a HDD clone of the first one.
It has his own Windows Activation, PC Hardware and I own enough licenses to activate all norton products.
For backup reasons I use it as a "standby machine".

My thougt was, that Norton identifies booth PCs as the same machine because of the HDD cloning?
So that could be the reason why only on device is correctly working in the device tab in "my norton".

If someone could give me a hint how norton web services identify several PCs or give me a solution for this problem that would be really great. Even this is not a really big problem at all, I just wondered why the used license count is bigger than the devices shown in the device tab and these two machines are the only ones with problems like that.





Re: Device List in "My Norton"

Hello phi.mueller

To reinstall your Norton Security program, you can use this link.     Please remember to run Live Update, restarting as necessary

To see your computers name, open your Norton product>Help>About The Device Name is listed right on top. Often the Device page doesn't match the subscription page.  Please use a Windows Admin Account when accessing your Norton Account or Norton Settings.

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Re: Device List in "My Norton"

thanks for your advice, but I've done all that.
I reinstalled Norton Security on both machines and did Live Update and a Full Scan.

The devicename in the "About" Window is different, but never the less it dosen't work in the device tab on "My Norton".
So when the devicename is different, why is the system overwriting an existing PC, when I install the second one?

Is the any other identification ID or something like that which comes directly from the installed OS or something like that?
Like I mentioned that problem only happens with two PCs which are cloned from each other?

Greetings and happy Xmas.


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Re: Device List in "My Norton"

Hi phi.mueller:

The list of devices in the My Norton account has known issues when it comes to identifying individual devices.

DavidCoffield's thread My Services (Correct) My Devices (Wrong) includes some hints on how to rename the default device name assigned to each machine (which are often duplicated or confusing if both machines use the same Windows OS) to a unique and more meaningful name from your Norton Account.  After renaming your devices make sure that Settings | Administrative Settings | Remote Management is turned on in your Norton product on each machine and then go to Help | Account Information and click Subscription Status to sync each machines to the backend Norton servers if the changes in your Norton Account aren't applied correctly on your local machine.

My understanding is that Norton identifies each machine by their MAC address, so even if you use a cloned hard drive in a second machine they should still be recognized as two distinct devices since the two machines have different motherboards and network cards.  I've heard of Norton "incorrectly" using up a second installation seat on the same device when the motherboard was replaced because Norton detected a new MAC address for the same machine (installing Norton on a virtual machine will also consume an installation seat), but I believe two machines with two different MAC addresses should be detected as two different physical devices.
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