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SubaruGen2 Toolbox issue

I downloaded the SubaruGen2 toolbox from a Subaru vendor to update my maps. Every time I try to use it, the app crashes. In contacting tech support, the vendor says that either my firewall or my anti-virus software is keeping the program from contacting the server which I haven't had an issue before with other programs before. Any Subaru owners, who are MAC users had this problem. I looked at the crash report & sent that to them but I'm sure they're PC centric & wouldn't know what to look for. Thank you in advance.



Re: SubaruGen2 Toolbox issue

Hello Scott, have a look at this article. It may help solve your issue.



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Re: SubaruGen2 Toolbox issue

I check my settings & it had no effect with the program. I contacted the Naviextras-Subaru explaining what I had done so the ball is in their court. I really think it's a bug in their program. Thanks for your response.-SWM

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