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This forum thread needs a solution.

Please unblock this website

Please unblock this website: http://coinpot.co/

I had received dogecoin and bitcoin payments several times from coinpot.co, so far so good, no problem at all, that's why I don't know why coinpot.co is blocked. I already click "I WANT TO VISIT THE SITE ANYWAY" but I still cannot access this site.

My proofs of payment from coinpot.co: [Removed]

I wanna withdraw some dogecoin again soon, so please unblock http://coinpot.co thank you in advance

[Admin Edit: Removed info related to online transactions]



Re: Please unblock this website

Hi lucky777tea,

The reason it is blocked is because Trojan.Gen.NPE is being detected.  Please see the image below for more information.  The link you need to use for reporting the false positive is:  https://submit.symantec.com/false_positive/ 

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