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remove recovery email accounts in Norton App Lock

My wife has her email account set as a recovery account for Norton App Lock. My kids have since added their own email accounts as recovery email accounts to Norton App Lock on my wife's phone. They can simply use her email account to request a "forgotten password" reset. Since her email account exists on her phone, they read and enter the reset code and change her password and are off to the races. I need to delete all three recovery email accounts and set up my email account (which is on my phone) as the recovery account so I receive any reset codes on my phone which my kids do not have access to. I am thinking that this would prevent any unauthorized password resets by the kids. The only problem is I don't know where these accounts are listed to delete them. I also need to prevent them from adding their own email accounts to the list. Please let me know where these accounts are listed and how they can be deleted and replaced. Thanks!



Re: remove recovery email accounts in Norton App Lock

I have seen no way to add a recovery email address to App Lock. 

AFAIK, it is the Google account email associated with the device that is used for the App Lock recovery. It sounds like your kids have figured out your wife's email password. 

Have your wife change her Google password and see if the kids still have access.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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