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Problems with Norton Power Eraser

After scan NPE found something 

For example this file and 3 more similar files. Status on every file is "unknown" no informations about users, version and how safe is this file. I can see only it's AMD file installed few months ago and last time used a few months ago.

But I think there is something wrong with my NPE. Sometimes "checking for new version" is endless and must turn off my pc to close it. Sometimes I can see 3 files detected by NPE next time 2 sometimes 0. It's also very "laggy"

I know NPE is very agressive and I know about possible false detections but now it's kinda weird



Re: Problems with Norton Power Eraser

NPE does not detect malware (that is what Norton Security is for), it presents you with a list of files that could be malware.  It is meant to be run when your Norton program does not detect anything malicious but you still suspect that something may be acting suspiciously on your PC.  If there doesn't appear to be anything wrong, the results returned by NPE will almost always be safe files that belong to applications on your system.  NPE doesn't tell you much about a file because it really doesn't know much about the files it presents - that's the whole point, if Norton knew whether the file was actually malicious or not you would not have to run NPE, as Norton Security would catch it if it was malicious and NPE would not flag it if it was a known good file.


Re: Problems with Norton Power Eraser

I'm using NPE like 2-3 times a week even if I know it's not necessary. I don't know why NPE NOW shows files installed a few months and used long time ago.

Now it's getting worse because I can't even scan with NPE anymore. After reboot "checking internet connection" I have endless loading what make me think there is something wrong with NPE


Re: Problems with Norton Power Eraser

Hi Greendio,

Could you please share the log files from NPE?

Log location of NPE would be : C:\Users\--username–\AppData\Local\NPE\.

We are working on a issue and additional data could prove useful.

Thank You,


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