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Has it gotten better?

I got my Core last December right before the big Christmas break DNS meltdown. Even with it set to use ISP DNS or Google DNS I found myself needing to reboot it multiple times a day because it kept losing its connection with the Internet. I eventually got sick of it & put it back in the box. I meant to return it, but waited too long & missed the 30-day window, and it's been sitting in the box ever since.

I'm thinking about giving it another go, but I don't want to waste an afternoon reconfiguring my network & devices if the reliability hasn't improved. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned an 8-year-old YouTube addict who can't watch his Minecraft videos.

So how is it these days? Does it stay up & connected reliably? Is the secure DNS stable enough? Anything else I should know?



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Re: Has it gotten better?

Hello again, glad seeing you back for another go with Core. Core currently is on firmware build 237, with the Android app up to version 1.30. with the iOS version still at version 1.27 looking at the iTunes site. The latest firmware addressed a lot of connectivity issues on the backend as well as with the app itself. And some other small issues listed here in the release notes.

My personal Core has not had anything significant since the DNS issues were resolved. The alerts / notifications area had a minor updating bug which the latest firmware addressed as well. The Core threads have been extremely quiet for a long time now. Just the normal hit and miss issues with occasional connection to the guest network questions. NONE of the "creature features" asked for have been implemented, the development team DOES have them for action in a future firmware release so that in itself is progress. Especially given the turnover at Norton a few weeks ago.

Give it another go, as always, there are a lot of folks here willing to assist every way we possibly can to get you a correct setup with follow through.


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Re: Has it gotten better?

The IOS app has been on ver. 1.27 for a very long time and very stable and it didn't suffer any of the notification problems that the Android app had.   I also didn't seem to have the constant rebooting problems that some people had.  The Core has been very stable for me.  I guess my setup wasn't to complicated.

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Re: Has it gotten better?


The Core has been working great for me since the last Android 1.30 App fixed the Action/Activity listing. I don't remember when I had to reset or restart the Core. I even got a new Android cellphone.  The change over went smoothly except the old device remained listed for 30 days and then it disappeared. When I got the new cellphone, all I had to do was to download the current App and install Norton Mobile Security Plus.

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