App Lock Shortfall

Please instructed me as to how to ensure that my apps look immediately once I navigate away from them to another app in App Lock..   Is there a global settings solution that will affect all apps so that I don't have to go into each one to solve the problem??????

Additionally, there is no option in App Lock to prevent someone from answering your phone if you leave it unattended.  No selection for TELEPHONE OR PHONE,,  Quite odd, when other ad-based applications make these issues available.... 

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Re: App Lock Shortfall

There is currently no option to lock all apps with one motion. You can Unlock all apps by tapping on the three dots at the top right of the App Lock screen and tapping on the appropriate option. 

By default, Norton App Lock assumes that during a given login session, the same user has control of the device. So a protected app should not need to get locked, so the user can switch between running apps without the inconvenience of having to enter the PIN each time. With App Lock, all you need to do is put your device to sleep to lock all apps again.

Can you give an example of an app locker that can lock incoming calls? 

These might be  good suggestions for the Product Suggestions board https://community.norton.com/forums/product-suggestions


Re: App Lock Shortfall

I should have the option to ensure that my app locks if I navigate to another app.  Accessing is easy via fingerprints so the issue of inconvenience is moot.  

Additionally, there was no option to lock incoming calls if my phone is left unattended. There should also be more options than what is available under the Menu - - Settings options to further control Norton App Lock.. 

As of now, I'd rate it a 2.5-3.0 Star 

The the most recent apps I used, but Uninstalled due to intrusive ads., as well as the limited functionality of the Settings screen in Norton App Lock 


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Re: App Lock Shortfall

I understand your feelings about Norton's App Lock. Not all apps are going to please all users.

I'll ask this thread be moved to the product suggestions board so your suggested tweaks will be seen.