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"Fix Now" needs automatic repair option

I found a post and questionable "solution" on the  "Fix Now" problem that always comes up when Norton has not run on a computer that has been turned off for a while. I strongly agree with the person who posted the thread that requiring a manual fix for a problem that the Norton program should automatically correct on its own is silly and dangerous. Does Norton believe that some users would willingly choose to NOT Fix the problem? The person who provided the "solution" to the problem said that in time Norton will self correct and update the system. But do many users want to have their computer turned on in an unprotected state and wait for Norton to catch up? I don't think so. The simple and logical solution would be for Norton to automatically update itself when it discovers a vulnerable "Fix Now" situation. This seems like a perfect task for the automatic updates to handle.

I am also a very long term user of Norton Internet Security and, aside from this relatively minor criticism, I've always found it to be a very good program.



Re: "Fix Now" needs automatic repair option

But do many users want to have their computer turned on in an unprotected state and wait for Norton to catch up?

Your description sounds like a suggestion I made in another thread. To be clear, you are not unprotected when you see this message. It is just that you may not have the latest updates installed, or your system has not been scanned recently. You are still protected by the many real time protection layers in your Norton product. In fact Norton is using more of an online component for the real time protection, so as long as you are connected to the internet you have the latest definitions available.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: "Fix Now" needs automatic repair option

Logic would tell me that if the latest updates are not installed that I must not be at the same level of high security that a user with a fully updated system is at. I understand that I have some level of protection, but just not as good as someone whose system has been updated and not indicating a "Fix Now" status. Here again it invites the question - who would prefer to have their system be in a less than up to date state? Manual intervention for updates makes no sense especially since they would have been done automatically if the computer was powered on.

Thanks for your reply but I still see this as a weakness that could easily be fixed by Norton.

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