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NMS question

Greetings all!

It's been a while since I last dropped by with a question...

It appears that the only way to determine the version of Virus Defs and of MSE Config that your NMS product is currently using is to look back through the NMS Activity Log (history) to see when new codes were last downloaded and applied by the LiveUpdate process...

This prompts a couple of questions -

1) Can someone inform me what their current Virus Def and MSE Config versions are?  My two Samsung devices have been showing the same values since 09/28/2018:

Virus Defs: 20180927065
MSE Config: 20150729021

Interestingly, every two to three days NMS on these devices warns that LiveUpdate needs to be run.

2) I presume this warning is because I've elected to leave the NMS App's LiveUpdates default setting of "Run on Wi-Fi Only" in effect. For me these notices serve as a reminder that the NMS app "thinks" its current Defs have become "old and dated". When I get this notification I always open the NMS App, go to the App's Settings, and manually run LIVEUPDATE - Note that taking this action immeadiately produces a Warning! Popup informing that using the device's cellular data may incur additional costs. I then go ahead and tap the RUN LIVEUPDATE (anyway) link in the Warning Popup. This in turn switches the display back to the NMS Home page with a breifly displayed indication that the LiveUpdate process is being run. When that finishes I go back into App Settings and sure enough, the Last Update section now shows the current date. However, when I look at the NMS Activity Log its latest entries show that the LiveUpdate process did no actions because it beleives that the current installed Virus Defs and MSE Config are already up-to-date.

All this begs the question that, if the newer NMS is relying mostly on "online" detection codes to do its job, am I reducing its actual security effectiveness by having the "Run on Wi-Fi Only" option enabled and relying mostly on cellular data for these devices day-to-day data access?




Re: NMS question

Other users have posted here about concerns about the seeming scarcity of definition updates. This is now the new normal. As you suggest, there is an online component to the detection features, just like with Norton Security for PCs. By only allowing LiveUpdate to run on Wifi connections, you may be slightly less protected against zero day infections. But as long as you have an internet connection, the online protection features should still be enabled. But just like Norton Security products, there are multiple layers of protection in NMS.

My latest virus definitions are  v 20180927065,  so created Sept 27.

Not even sure what MSE config is, but Activity Log shows I have the latest version.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: NMS question

Thanks for the version confirmation and personal insights Peter - As always, very much appreciated...

I think it would be helpful in alleviating such concerns if it were made known as to whether or not the NMS App's "real-time online checking functions" remain active (proactive) so long as cellular data access remains enabled on the device (and any cellular data restriction limits for same are not hindering such communications).



Re: NMS question

As long as there is an active internet connection active on the device, either cell data or wifi, the cloud scan feature will be available.

If you are not connected, you do not need that feature.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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