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Safe Search - Does it Work?

I am using Norton on MacBook Pro running MacOS Version 10.14.1.  My main browser is Safari.

Norton is prompting me to install Safe Search, but I am hesitant. I tried it a few years ago on Windows 7, but then any searches I tried - even google searches would redirect to another search engine (I think it was ask?) which I found totally useless.  It couldn't find anything, which by definition would be safe, I suppose.

I don't need the password manager, as there is a useful one built into macOS which is effective and efficient for me, as it works across platforms, on my iPad and iPhone.

Does anyone else use the Safe Search on Safari?  Is it useful?  Can you still use Google as the search engine?


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Re: Safe Search - Does it Work?

Hello Johnny_V. Answering the title of your thread, this article explains how safe search works. I personally do not use Safari as a browser but do use safe search on IE11 / Windows 10 Pro x64 WITH my default search engine set as Google. Safe search shows the tabs in green or untested as it should based on what it knows of that particular website during the search. Flawlessly. Hope that answers things for you although I'm a windows user at the present time.


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