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Download Links for NS/NSBU v22.15.1.8 Installers (XP and Vista)

Does anyone know the generic links for downloading the full offline installers for NS (Standard/Deluxe) and NSBU (Premium) v22.15.1.8 that Win XP and Vista users must use now that Norton is in maintenance mode for these older platforms?

The "latest" links (e.g., https://www.norton.com/latestnsbu, https://www.norton.com/latestnis, etc.) are currently offering the full v22.16.2.11 installers.  The "old" links (https://www.norton.com/oldnis, https://www.norton.com/oldn360p, etc) are currently offering the v21.6.0.32 installers that must be installed on Win XP machines with older CPUs that do not support the SSE2 instruction set.

I wanted to know if there are similar generic links for the v22.15.1.8 full offline installers for Win XP and Vista machines with SSE2-compatible CPUs.  I know I can log in to my online Norton Account and click the Download button to run the smaller stub installer (which I assume would be smart enough to auto-detect my Vista SP2 OS and install v22.15.1.8) but I would prefer to have a link to a full offline installer I could use for clean re-installs and emergencies.
32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Premium v22.15.1.8


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Re: Download Links for NS/NSBU v22.15.1.8 Installers (XP and Vista)

I contacted Norton Customer Support today via Live Chat at https://www.norton.com/chat and here are the download links they suggested for the latest available full (~130 MB) offline v22.15 installers that are compatible with Win XP SP3 and Vista SP2. After installation, a few manual LiveUpdates would be required to patch from v22.15.0.88 to the latest v22.15.1.8 products (released 13-Sep-2018) for these older operating systems.

Norton Security Standard / Deluxe (English-US):

Norton Security Premium (a.k.a. NS with Backup or NSBU) (English-US):

Please note that if you prefer you can always log in to your Norton Account and use the Download button on the My Subscriptions tab to run the small stub installer that should handle the entire download and installation process for you as long as you are connected to the internet.

NOTE:  If you have a Win XP SP3 machine with a very old CPU that does not support the SSE2 instruction set then see blackmoor2's thread Cannot Download Security Deluxe to XP Machine for links to older v21.6 installers.
32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Premium v22.15.1.8

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