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How to change first name and last name on my Norton Community Account?


I'm using Google Translate because I do not know English - best regards.

As in the title of the topic. I came across the community by searching the contents of the Norton website and saw the name and surname of a family member under my account, which currently depends on my subscription to Norton Security Deluxe. From my account already mentioned, a family member used the first subscription of Norton Security, where he gave his name and surname. Currently, I use this account under the same nickname and despite a telephone conversation and support chat, I received a response from your consultant that he would write to the producer. Today I received a message by email that I have to change it here. That's why I am asking for support. I do not know the rules of the forum, but the application and correct configuration of the name and surname will be needed for a private message? I would like to add that the e-mail address and nickname are to remain, because the account is managed by me, while the links to be installed on the other devices 4/5 of the mentioned family member are also made available to me. The product key and serial number also have me. In connection with the above, I have constant trouble logging into all possible services. I make a continuous password reset by means of a shared link on one and the same email address to the previous and current account. Just life roles have reversed.



Re: How to change first name and last name on my Norton Community Account?


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