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This forum thread needs a solution.

How do I disable the reinstall demand??

With the help of people here, I was able to find and remove Norton (I thought) and avoid the auto-reinstall. 


The removal tool did not remove all of Norton. It left behind a annoying WARNING that I MUST reinstall Norton or risk it all.

How do I remove/uninstall/delete/omit/eliminate, not just turn off, the ENTIRE (all) Norton products including it's annoying nagging popups with warnings to reinstall Norton, and any and all trackers off and out of my computer?

Remove and Reinstall leaves behind a minion 

It takes only a moment to detect and remove a virus or Trojan, but takes too many days and manual work to REALLY get rid of Norton and I'd like my comps back please.


~~If it's OK for government and corporations to steal my privacy, why is it illegal for me to try to take it back?~~


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Re: How do I disable the reinstall demand??

Um, since you comment "Remove and Reinstall leaves behind a minion" ....have you tried Remove Only >

after uninstall with NRnR Tool > Remove Only + machine Restart.
after uninstall with native uninstaller + machine Restart.

I've found remnants in File Explorer, Registry and Task Scheduler.

as always your mileage may vary

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