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on the Edge of disaster...

One of the main reasons for subscribing to Norton Family is for parents like me to be able to block kids' attempts to surf porn.  Now Norton announces that they can no longer control Edge?  And they tell us that we should "use another browser instead"?  But when we ask "how do we prevent our kids from just running Edge" there is no good answer-- Microsoft makes it impossible for Windows 10 users to disable Edge.  So Norton is actually suggesting that parents should just discourage kids from using Edge?  Seriously?!!!  I understand that Microsoft is preventing Norton from monitoring Edge, which sucks for everyone, but if that's the case then I think everyone needs refunds on their subscription fees because the product is essentially useless at this point and must be replaced by a competitor that can actually protect the Family.  I wish I could replace Microsoft instead, as it sounds like a manipulative and anti-competitive business practice on their part, but unfortunately that's a lot harder than just replacing my parental control software...



Re: on the Edge of disaster...

FYI, Norton Chat Support has this to say:

It's really important to us to help you with this issue. But Norton Family does not support monitoring Edge browser and we recommend switching to a compatible browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10.

And when you ask them how to disable Edge, they say:

I apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. But since the steps required are for configuring the User account and is related to Windows OS, we do not have the resources and which is why you need to contact Microsoft support.


Re: on the Edge of disaster...

Hi Rjak,

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Please ensure your child's PC is running latest version of Norton Family (v3.7.3).
On Edge browser, kids trying to surf porn would be blocked by displaying Edge specific "Internet access block" page (in place of custom Norton Family block page). In other words, website categories that are not allowed as per the house rules would be blocked.
We do not claim complete support for Edge browser considering other features needing a browser extension but Web Supervsion would work fine. Hence it's recommended to use supported browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) which supports browser extensions.
Hope this helps!
For more information, please refer to : support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v125440172

Bhargavi R

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