Backup module very outdated and non-intuitive

I am a Norton customer for many years, and I have noticed that the software has started having many signs of aging, one of them concerning the backup module. 

The way backup is set up is extremely confusing and outdated. Points of consideration: 

- Why set up by file type and not by folder or library? What if I have some file type that I am not aware of and is not included in the backup?

- What does the default "My documents" mean? Is that the Windows XP era "My documents" that included pictures, music, and videos as subfolders or is it literary only documents? 

- Why isn't the list on the left with "My Documents" an actual folder tree to be able to easily select what you want?

- There is still a notification showing "recommended backup medium x DVDs" while the DVD burning module has been removed... 

The inclusions/exclusions list is even more confusing. 

- The checkmarks on the left seem to be for (de)activating the options but are only there to remove file/folder from list. 

- "AppData" is not in the default list but also does not get backed up -> then, again, what does "My Documents" include?? It is not the user folder? 

I hope that Norton will fix those issues soon! 





Re: Backup module very outdated and non-intuitive

Hello TzonZ ,

I associate myself with youre suggestions and I want to add my suggestion to add an option:
after changing a file, Norton immediately changes Backup Status Overlay icon on the file from green(Protected) to blue(Unprotected), this event could be used to start a backup, possibly with a delay. It will be a real automatic backup because the existing automatic backup during the idle time starts rarely according to the unpredictable algorithm.