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How to determine if VPN is installed or running?

How do I determine if VPN windows is running or installed?  I see a checkbox for on/off but nothing happens when i change it.
If it is installed, how to I get to optioons , status etc?



Re: How to determine if VPN is installed or running?

Turn on VPN, then open a command prompt (type in CMD in the Windows search box then click on Command Prompt). In the black command prompt window that opens, type in IPCONFIG  /ALL then press the Enter key. Scroll through the list and if you see NortonSecureVPN as one of the entries, it is installed and running.

Also, after you turn VPN on, hover the mouse pointer over your network connection icon in the system tray and if Norton VPN is connected, it will show "NortonSecureVPN Internet Access" above your actual named network.

To do a quick verification check that VPN is on, do a search for local weather from a web browser. Unless you happen to live in a city that has Norton VPN servers, you should get local weather for the city that represents the location of the VPN server.

There are web sites, too, that will tell you your WAN (external) IP address. Check once without VPN connected and note the address. Check again after turning on VPN. They should be different. (one example website is

Hope that helps!


Re: How to determine if VPN is installed or running?

Thanks- very helpful.  The system tray icon indicates Norton SecureVPN with internet access and also another one with Internet access.  Could that mean some traffic is not going through the VPN?

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