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reconnect to my bank

Please help. For the past month I have been trying to reconnect my bank accounts. It says,"reconnect", I click, then add bank credentials,

it says verifing, then linking, then all done, you are now linked. Well I go to norton and I am not linked to norton. I have called norton 5 times with no help result. They say it is my bank. I went to the bank, they checked, there is no problem on their end.The last tech support person stated his supervisor would phone me, I never recieved a call. I really need you expertise and help as my accounts have not been monitored in a month! I have a hp laptop,windows 10, I have tried with edge and with google chrome. The techs were very short with me, I really need you, you are my last hope. Thank you. norton 360 no error message. I go to my monitered accounts, scroll down to bank info, and says BB&T,my bank needs to be reconnected. any more info I can supply, to help?



Re: reconnect to my bank

Um, is this your bank?
Have you cleared your browser cookies n' cache?

Maybe, try bank Login with Norton Banking Protection ... off, as test.

FAQ: Online Banking Protection - 08/10/2021

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