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Firefox 93.0

Firefox 93.0 will be released later today  For more info go here     https://www.ghacks.net/2021/10/05/firefox-93-0-release-here-is-what-is-n...



Re: Firefox 93.0

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Re: Firefox 93.0

Posted 07-Oct-2021 by  Sergiu Gatlan on BleepingComputer: Firefox Now Shows Ads As Sponsored Address Bar Suggestions.

This new "Firefox Suggest" feature is being tested for users located in the U.S. only for now.  The release notes at https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/93.0/releasenotes/ for Firefox 93 briefly mention Firefox Suggest as "a faster way to navigate the web", which sounds somewhat disingenuous to me when they're actually using this feature to generate revenue by pushing out ads from "trusted partners" when users search from the address bar.

The Mozilla support article Navigate the Web Faster with Firefox Suggest explains how users can opt out of this feature at Settings | Privacy & Security | Address Bar - Firefox Suggest | Contextual Suggestions.  I live in Canada so this option hasn't appeared in my Firefox 93 settings yet.

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