Need N. Utilities past years of history?

Looking for last 4-6 years of past subscriptions, with at least last 4 digits  showing. Have new + old key cards,  not sure which used. Norton started giving Utilities to auto renew subscribers last couple years.  Want to use the one I paid for. Auto renew is Too expensive. I've used NU for last 15yrs.


Accepted Solution

Re: Need N. Utilities past years of history?

If your key is for the older Norton Utilities 16, you would not find the key listed in your Norton Account. And FYI, Norton has EOL'd that product so you would not be able to activate it anyway.

For Norton Utilities Premium, you can log into your Norton Account and click on the User Icon at the top right , then click on Manage My Subscriptions. Scroll down to look for Norton Utilities Premium subscriptions and you can see the product key related to that subscription, and whether or not the subscription has expired. If you do not see it listed when you first view that page, click on History at the bottom left of the initial list to show more information.

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