How do I get the charge details of my latest renewal?

I have Norton 360 and Lifelock  Subscription due date reads 01/19/2023        I was jus charged $149.00 for annual subscription , why?  I want a complete breakdown of what I was just charged for.   By email to [Removed]

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Re: How do I get the charge details of my latest renewal?

This is a public community. Please DO NOT post any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as your email address, product key or phone number. 

Norton Community does not have access to your Norton account, your payment information nor your bank/credit card.   Please contact Norton Support regarding your subscription/s. 

Please see your Norton account to manage licenses / subscriptions.


Re: How do I get the charge details of my latest renewal?

You can sign into your Norton Account and click on the user icon at the top right and click on Manage my Subscriptions. Then scroll through your current subscriptions to ensure you only have one active subscription. Some users forget they already had an active subscription when they upgrade or start a new subscription. If the old subscription still has Automatic Renewal enabled, that can trigger the payment you are speaking of.

As bjm_ notes above, you will have to contact Norton Support to sort this out.

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Re: How do I get the charge details of my latest renewal?

Please review > FAQ: NortonLifeLock automatically renewing subscription

Norton products (including subscriptions and Automatic Renewals) may be refunded within 60 days of the purchase date.

The instructions to obtain a refund varies depending on where you made the purchase. Please choose one of the following depending on your purchase:

Please review > Requesting a Norton Automatic Renewal refund

Please review > NortonLifeLock Cancellation and Refund Policy

Please check your Norton account to confirm ... Automatic Renewal Off ... and no billing information. 
MY SUBSCRIPTIONS reports:  Activate Subscription Renewal ... with Automatic Renewal Off.  

BILLING INFORMATION reports:  There is no billing profile saved in your account ... with no billing information.

Stop your Norton subscription from automatically renewing

Users may contact Norton Support regarding refund:  

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