Scammers started using my norton email

Since i upgraded to norton 360 delux i started getting emails saying i owe money and in general scammers sending me direct email which is simply unbelieable !!! this is my personal email address used for norton and it was exposed now by antivirus company

when will someone break into my accounts using this email ?  can i blame norton when these scammers send me email next time with trojan horse inside or worm ?  

here example:

Winter Greetings client!!

We hope you’ve been able to enjoy all the Benefits of your MEMBERSHIP this past Few month. Your Norton protection Plan is Renewed successfully. We would like to Update you that your NORTON service is Renewed Today for the next 2.4 year for $738.54 USD.













14th Jan , 2022





Your account was set to Auto-renewal. The amount will be reflected in your Account within 16 Business  hours. if you still want to use our Service there’s no further Action required. If there’s any issue we can help with, feel free to contact our Support Team at @  +1 (818)-(527)-(4132)


Best Regards,

Customer Relations.


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Re: Scammers started using my norton email

I've received similar Norton & McAfee spam/scam emails to an email address not associated with my Norton account.
You've received spam/scam email. 

Verify that an email you receive from Norton is legitimate 

Report a spam or scam email to NortonLifeLock

Report Scam Phone Numbers

Learn what to do if you received a suspicious phone call, email, or mail

Fraudulent companies carry out technical support scams by posing as software support providers and claim to offer support on behalf of major technology companies. They set up fake websites, send scam emails, offer free security scans, or send alarming messages to convince you that your computer is infected or needs to be fixed. 

Scams Involving Fraudulent Use of NortonLifeLock Branding 

What to do if you fall for an email scam 


Re: Scammers started using my norton email

Please review: I am receiving many Phishing Emails

How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams

Avoiding and Reporting Scams

Check if your email address is in a data breach

Pwned Passwords

Hacked Email

  • Never click on links or download attachments from unknown sources.  
  • Hover your mouse over the links contained in emails to check if they are legitimate– don’t click unless you are sure they are safe.  
  • Question the validity of any email that asks you to submit personal or financial information.  

Re: Scammers started using my norton email


Re: Scammers started using my norton email

STOP PUBLISHING MY EMAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello McAfee member! It’s almost been a year since you have been using McAfee services. Time flies when you are having fun! We have Auto-renewed your Recent SUBSCRIPTION PLAN as requested. Renewal charges have been Auto debited successfully through your Linked Visa Card. We have included a copy of your #Invoice below. Invoice Number: 203487678X Subscription ID: 65702376834582 Renewal Date: 01/17/2022 Products/Services DESCRIPTION Amount Charged McAfee Total Protection (4 Devices) $343.85 Taxes: $0.00 Invoice Total (USD): $343.85 Please NOTE: The services will be auto renewed every 3 years of subscription unless you turn it OFF. If you wish to make any changes in the payment method or have any questions regarding the Subscription, PLEASE reach us at our given number below and follow as Instructed. CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE: +1 (806) - (884) - (4343) Regards, McAfee Support

Re: Scammers started using my norton email

Nobody has published your email from Norton. As bjm_ notes above, these are scam emails being sent to random email addresses. The senders have no way of knowing if you ever had a specific product. They are just playing the odds. 

And why would Norton give your email address to a competitor???


Re: Scammers started using my norton email

What you talking about? never ever ever ever ever before i joined norton antivirus that i got email like this about antivirus payments scam

so who did they get my email that i registered myself with norton?    from where?   whatever your answer is - the real answer is that it is now published somehwere with affilation to norton antivirus

another one just arrived - stop publishing my email !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Galen Jenalea [Removed]

02:55 (11 hours ago)

to consumer014666, bcc: me


Thanks for using Norton LIFELOCK computer Protection plan for the last 2 yrsYour subscription has been Auto-renewed And the Amount will be Auto-debited and will be reflected in your bank A/C within 24Hrs.



item name :  Norton 360 Computer Security


Purchase Date19/01/2022

EXPIRATION  : 2 years

amount Charged:  $538.00 USD

Payment method:  Auto/debit


If You wish to cancel this subscription or have any questions. Then feel free to contact Our support TEAM.

+1 (806) - (576) - (1210) 

Note :-   Transaction statement WILL appear in your account within 24 hours subject to clearance.


Best Wishes,

Norton team

 [Edit: Removed personally identifiable information to conform with the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service]


Re: Scammers started using my norton email

See if we find your info on the dark web
By simply entering your email, we search for potential threats to your identity.


Re: Scammers started using my norton email

What you talking about? never ever ever ever ever before i joined norton antivirus that i got email like this about antivirus payments scam

And I have never used McAfee products on my computers, and I have been receiving similar scam emails for McAfee, and the Norton ones. It is just a coincidence that this particular spam started around the time you started using Norton.

How long have you been using the email that you used to register with Norton? All the scammer needs is the email address, and if you have been on the web with the same email used to register with different sites, that email is easy for hackers/spammers to find. Use the link in bjm_'s post above mine to see if your email has been found on the dark web.


Re: Scammers started using my norton email

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ehren.murdick, jotohori, deannagreer, disbennett.ken, samlpage, anixmack4 Dear consumer! We hope you have been able to enjoy all the Benefits of your membership this PAST Few years. Your Norton Protection plan is renewed Successfully. We would like to Update you That your Norton service is Renewed Today for the Next 2.6 year for $529.43 USD. Plan renewal Details ITEM DESCRIPTION NORTON 360 SECURITY ORDER NO 6391XJKF23D DEDUCTION MODE Auto Debit PACK TENURE DATE OF PURCHASE 2. year 24th Jan ,2022 AMOUNT CHARGED $529.43 USD Your account was Set for auto-renewal. The Charged amount will be updated in your Account within 18 Business hours. If you still want to use our service there’s No further Action Required. If there’s any issue we can Help with, please Feel free to Contact our Consumer help Executive at @ +1 (818) - (435) - (8424) Yours sincerely Consumer Help Desk

Re: Scammers started using my norton email

Yes. That is an example of the scam emails getting sent to random email addresses. If you were able to contact all the recipients, probably 50% or more have never had any contact with Norton. 


Re: Scammers started using my norton email

Anuradha Kumar Sat, 5 Feb, 06:18 (2 days ago) to consumer014666, bcc: me MORNING CONSUMER! Thank you for your recent payment made through automated mode for renewal. Your renewal subscription is CURRENTLY processed. You will receive detailed Information via a confirmation mail. Since this is an automatic renewal so no action is required. If you want to stop this PRODUCT or like to change the payment method, Feel free to CONNECT with our Customer Team Executive @ +1 (818) - (850) - (5385) We have Dispatch a copy of your #Statement here. MEMBER challan ID: 42856267214 Item Details: McAfee Life (Guard) Expiry by: 2.4 Yrs PAYMENT MODE: Auto-Debit (linked) Renewal DATE: February 04, 2022 Gross Price: $426.48USD _____________________________________________________________________ For any query CONTACT us at: +1 (818) - (850) - (5385) Thank you for Shopping us again! THANKING, Helping support

Re: Scammers started using my norton email

Check if your email address is in a data breach

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