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Norton Crypto Mining When Idle

My Norton Crypto Mining used to work & now for days it is stuck on 'Waiting for GPU to become Idle'. My Norton is completely up to date. There is absolutely ZERO processes running except Norton. What do I need to do to make it start mining again? Also, is there ANYTHING you can do on your PC while it is mining? Or is it made to only mine when the PC is sleep? Can I not have Norton pulled up & watch it as it mines? To watch & see what the rate is it is mining at or anything. I'm just curious about it in general.

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Re: Norton Crypto Mining When Idle

There have been some solutions around "stuck" miners. Most have been either a reboot, an updated GPU card or making sure you have the latest Norton installed.

As for what you can do, as long as you don't use 20% of the GPU usage the miner will and can run.

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