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I have read Gayathri R's post about software updater. My problem is that on one of my PCs, "Software Updater" does not appear in the device security dropdown. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Norton 360 on the problem PC, and then run all live updates, and rebooted, but still no "Software Updater".

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This feature is being phased in. It is being released to a number of systems, and then the release is paused until Norton can check the telemetry to see if there are any problems. It is just a matter of timing when your two systems ran LiveUpdate the only one system got the feature.

I know I'm not anxious to get the feature given the number of posts here on the problems users are having with it. I'll wait until everyone else has done the testing for me.


Re: software updater

Thanks, Permalink! It's nice to have an explanation.

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