Parental controls periodically not working on my kids' phones

I have Norton Family installed on both of my children's phones. I keep having issues where it stops working--it will show they have not used their phones when I know they have, or show that they are still in a location that they left hours or days before. I also stop getting alerts from that device. Sometimes restarting the phone helps, but why does this keep happening? I would like to have continuous monitoring without interruption. My oldest son will start driving soon and I would like to be able to know where he is! Thank you. 


Accepted Solution

Re: Parental controls periodically not working on my kids' phones

Hi @Kari KA

Thanks for reaching out to the Norton Family forum.

We could see from our backend data that Geofence related activities are being sent to the server. For location related issues we recommend you to check if all the permissions are enabled and also keep the GPS ON all the time.

We need some more information to analyze further, so we have sent you a private message.


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