UI change to Dark Web Monitoring

The Norton 360 UI on my Windows 10 Laptop has been changed for use of Dark Web monitoring - WHY?

When I first loaded Norton 360 on my Windows 10 system "Dark Web Monitoring" (along with Parental Controls) was on the upper part of the screen and 'unlocked' - immediately visiable with status, and usabile. Now it is not.

- Why do I now need to "Sign In" to see it and use it?

  * What was the problem that needed solving? 

  * What was the risk with having it immediately available that had to be mitigated?  

  * And, and, AND after i do 'Sign In' and enter a supplied security code I have to 'Sign In' a second time and enter another security code. Is someone in the UI department going crazy OR are you getting slammed so hard by Cyber Terrorists you have to put up multiple security walls?    

I think it would be more usable and useful to have all features of the program right there in my face (maybe with a color change (green, yellow, red) and blinking) if there is a change from 'all good'. I think your program should be live and fully ready to see and use when I start the program vs. 'Sign In'. AND - you should be sending me an email and text message if there is update/any trouble to alert me right away vs. me having to start the program (1x day, 1x week, 1x month) and 'Sign In'.

I see Cyber theats increasing every single day putting me at greater risk with all things digital and I see Norton's protective value to me decreasing/deminishing every single day now putting me at greater risk. Renewal time is coming and if the the rate of "bad" change Norton is headed in does not change soon - I will not be renewing.

After ~ 30 years of being a (Peter, Symantec) Norton customer - You are going to miss me when I'm gone.      

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Re: UI change to Dark Web Monitoring

there are some features of the Norton 360 product that require users to be signed into their Norton Account

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