Not all devices being listed

I want to change the devices protected as Norton states 5 devices protected - fine.  However, only two devices are being listed on the Device Security page.  The History link will not show the missing devices so that I can delete some devices.


Accepted Solution

Re: Not all devices being listed

The Devices page in your Norton Account is notorious for being incorrect. The first thing to check is to open the classic 360 interface on your devices by clicking on the Norton icon in the system tray and clicking on Open Norton 360. Then click on Settings > Administrative Settings and be sure Remote Management is turned on. That will allow the device to be listed in your Account. It may take a little time as it is not instantaneous.

To get an accurate list of devices, log into your Norton Account and click on the user icon at the top right, then click on Manage My Subscriptions. Then find your current subscription and click on Manage Licenses to see the list of devices activated on that subscription.

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