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Online shopping not working for Coles

Hi all, 

I have been shopping online with for a few years now, and I don't know what has changed but I can't use my laptop or Iphone to access this site anymore, as soon as I hit "online shopping" it doesn't bring anything up but what looks to be the headlines of the webpage but no pictures.   I can get to coles webpage but not to the online shopping to be able to log in. 

Is there something in Norton that has changed this access?   I can access other online shopping pages, so I'm a bit confused why I can't access Coles. 

Does anyone know where I need to look to fix this? 




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Re: Online shopping not working for Coles

R U from Australia? 
as test: from United States
Shop Onine button here >

page presentation is not caused by Norton 

Coles Online is not available in your country or access has been blocked.

Note: I get same with Norton 360 Secure VPN - Australia

as always, your mileage may vary


Re: Online shopping not working for Coles

I have been able to use Coles before, but something has changed and now I can't access Coles Online.    I am in Victoria Australia.    Every other shopping site I have no issues with. 


Re: Online shopping not working for Coles

A few things can be causing the issue. There can be an issue with your internet connection or browser compatibility. Try a different web browser, then, or clear your cache and cookies to see if that helps.
There may be a temporary issue with the Coles website, so you may want to try accessing it at a different time or reaching out to their customer support for assistance.
Regarding Norton, your security software could block access to the Coles website. If you need more shopping options, check at carbon click. Hope it helps

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