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new subscriber


Have just tried signing up for the special offer on norton's site of A$59.99 for 1 year (norton 360 standard).  However i've received a receipt for $79.99..

Have tried their online chat but unable to connect.

Any help/experience appreciated.

Cheers jd

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Re: new subscriber

Contact Norton Support

Twitter Norton Support

FWIW ~ as test: Chat Support (from my location) from Edge

Please clear browser cookies n' cache.
Maybe, try another browser. 
Please turn off VPN.
Please Sign In your Norton account.
Please allow all Norton pages content.
Please allow all Norton cookies/ads/scripts/frames/trackers/beacons.
Please allow all Norton pages content that may be blocked by browser extension/s or built-in browser protection/s. 

  • In Chat dialog click "Manage my account" -> click "Something else" -> type "Live Agent"

What's your geo-location/country?  Are you United States?
Maybe, I can post Norton Support phone number, if you want. 

  • Please confirm Windows Fast Startup is off. W10 [here] W11 [here]

~ my reason for prompting > allow all Norton pages content:


Re: new subscriber

FWIW ~ as test: Chat Support (from my location) from Chrome 


Re: new subscriber

FWIW ~ as test: Chat Support (from my location) from Firefox


Re: new subscriber

Thanks bjm_ !

After much stuffing around my firefox browser i tried the chrome browser and got through to the chat.

I was informed that the extra $20 charge ($79.99 not the quoted $59.99) was for a tax!  Then told that as i'm a loyal customer (all of 24 hours), it would be removed.  What a @#@##$@




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