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Restore files from previous N360-BACKUP folder.

I need to restore files I backed up to the N360-BACKUP folder on an external drive using Norton 360 last year. That subscription expired and now that I've renewed my subscription Device Security in My Norton doesn't see last years folder. I suppose it's because of the encryption.

The N360-BACKUP folder is on that local hard drive. How can I restore files from this location? It does not appear in my new Norton Backup Drive in Windows explorer, and if I run Arestore.exe from the same directory it doesn't see them either. There's some 79,000 files in the folder, and I really need to recover some of the financial files.

I'm running a brand new Norton 360 on Windows 11. Thanks for your time.  



Re: Restore files from previous N360-BACKUP folder.

Hello Peter. On the HD where the files are can you see a directory as shown below? If so click on the directory Norton Backup Drive and see whether it will ask you to login to your Norton account. That is the usual process for viewing local backup contents. If successful in logging in you should be able to view the local files you need from that drive. 


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Re: Restore files from previous N360-BACKUP folder.

Hello SA!  No I don't see that on the F: drive, but I do see it in the backup sets. When I click on it, it opens like a regular folder and I can see I'm not finding my older local files. It does not ask me to log in first.

In screenshot 1 you'll see the Norton Backup Drive appears in This PC only, along with the other drives. The C drive HD for Pavilion (this PC) is too small for all my files so I use a large external HD, F:Docs_Music_Pics_Video for them.

In screenshot 2 you'll see the N360_BACKUP folder is on F, where it was originally created, along with Arestore.exe. I copied it to the C drive, but that didn't help. I tried creating several backup sets, but that's not finding it either. I think I'm missing something here...

In screenshot 3, in the left navigation panel, you'll see that all the backup sets I now have do show a C drive and some also show the F drive. But none of these backup C drives, or the F drives, show the files I'm looking for in the N360 folder on F.

Do I need the Norton Backup Drive to be on F? I think it just goes where it is, in This PC only. So I'm stumped. Thanks so much for your time.

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Re: Restore files from previous N360-BACKUP folder.

The Norton Backup Drive is not on any specific drive on your system. It is created by Norton as an access method to your backups.

From your third image, what do you see if you double click on Default Set on F, or MyBackupSet on F?

Have you tried starting a Restore from the 360 Backup feature? Doing that, you should be able to see the backup sets on the F drive.


Re: Restore files from previous N360-BACKUP folder.

Hello from peterB to peterweb: my replies to your 3 statements...

1) Thanks, that's what I thought.

2) See the attached pdf, DefaultSet & MyBackupSet.

When I double click on DefaultSet I see a C drive. In the left nav. panel you'll see it contains the OneDrive directory where all my files are. They have all been set to "Always Keep on this Device". (boy, i wish that was true). This set has the most files of all of them, but only a fraction of what's missing.

When I double click on MyBackupSet I see both a C and an F drive. This C has nothing on it, but F has very little either, although I did find 1 folder in "Books" that was missing. Strange...

3) How do I "start a Restore from the 360 Backup feature" as you asked? The file Arestore.exe won't open and never does anything when I double click on it. 

Finally, 2 new folders and an Arestore.exe file have appeared in the N360_Backup folder on C that I copied over from F. See the "N360 on C" pdf. The first folder, beginning with {CC6A...} is my old folder, the one I want to access. The others have just shown up recently.

Now if I double click the folder on F it does not open and the properties show 0 files and 0 MB. The properties for the folder on C shows about 2 GB and 6710 files. That's what I think I'm trying to access. Having copied that folder from F to C it now seems Norton wants that folder on C, though I've used it on F for the last few years. I don't care about that; there's plenty of room on C. It should be the backup location.

thanks so much for your time.   :o)

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Re: Restore files from previous N360-BACKUP folder.

You should not be manually moving or changing any files on the F drive that are related to any Norton backup set. 

To run a restore from your 360 product, if using the new My Norton interface, click on the down arrow beside Run Backup by the Cloud Backup and then click on Restore files. 

Then click on View All in the Restore From section. 

You should then see all available backup sets you have made with 360. Look for the backup set you want that is listed on F drive, such as the one I have listed on N: drive in my backups below.

Then you can browse for files and folders to choose what to restore. Then choose where you want to restore. If you do not want them restored to the original location, click on Change and choose your own destination.


Re: Restore files from previous N360-BACKUP folder.

OK, progress now. I'll get back to you.


Re: Restore files from previous N360-BACKUP folder.

Hello, Your last directions led me to look into all of the backup sets; there's 9 of them. One was what I needed, MySet from Pavilion on Cloud. Most of the other sets had bits and pieces of the missing files. Now I've got 90% of what was lost and I can't thank  you enough.

Lessons learned: set up your backups carefully. Test them. Do a restore somewhere and confirm the backup's doing what you think it should. Make sure the files you need are included. If not, fix it.

I couldn't have done this restore without Norton's.  Thank you. Really...


Re: Restore files from previous N360-BACKUP folder.

Good news. Your are welcome. Glad I could help.

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