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How do you turn off the annoying Norton pop-ups in Windows

I have Norton 360 installed on my 2 Windows machines where I only install what I need - Norton 360 program, Safe Web and Safe Search on my browsers, I did not install the extension where it allows Norton to 'hijack' my home page.

But every now and then whenever I launch my browser, I would always get this popup that some of Norton's package is not installed. And this popup is relentless, you have to click the 'X' several times before it will go away making sure you see the screen.

How can I tell Norton to stop? How could Norton not understand not everyone wants to see Norton as their Home Page? I use and prefer DuckDuckGo and with Norton Safe Web active it already warns me whenever I have a suspicious/malicious link. This is very irritating and reminds me of those old websites that always want to hijack your home page.

Any experience with this disturbing Norton behavior?



Re: How do you turn off the annoying Norton pop-ups in Windows

i get those after a patch update seems to be a default action on nortons part

i click cancel or close the window ( sometimes its in a new screen page)

or in some cases i have the dont show me this again option or decline

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Re: How do you turn off the annoying Norton pop-ups in Windows

I have used Norton products since Peter Norton was involved. Symantec's takeover did not seem to change things very much, but the LifeLock crowd has really screwed Norton users. They treat us like we have only one purpose - to buy/install more Norton options. I have Norton installed on 8 different machines and I use multiple logins for each machine. 3 of the machines are used by friends who are not very computer literate. Every time I login into any of my machines I have to wade through more Norton popups. I dutifully check the "No" and the "Don't remind me again" boxes (What a crock!) and they pop up again next time. The 3 machines used by my friends leave them wondering what to do when they see the inevitable popups. They don't want to inadvertently turn off some part of the exiting protection or cancel my subscription, so they are more likely to lean in the direction of clicking "Yes" to Norton's popups. Great! and all on my credit card! 

Please! LifeLock marketing buzzards, I don't want to see evidence of you for at least 11 months after I set up my machines for the year. I know what options I want. And the biggest one is: "Set it and forget it. Do not bother me again. Do not keep hawking your wares over and over."

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Re: How do you turn off the annoying Norton pop-ups in Windows

I echo this sentiment.  Norton antivirus is becoming adware with these "install me" pop ups.

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Re: How do you turn off the annoying Norton pop-ups in Windows

I agree with you on this. When you launch the Norton program, there is this constant reminder that you have 300+ days remaining. In the past, they would even insist that you have to enter your credit card when you set up Norton even if you purchased the product from a physical store so that they can automatically charge you when your subscription is up. Good thing they no longer require you to enter your credit card.

And even if you check the "Don't remind me again", that yellow warning will still pop up from time to time. They're becoming more like spam since Norton would insist that you change your default home page to theirs or it will keep on nagging you.

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Re: How do you turn off the annoying Norton pop-ups in Windows

Just a comment:

The problem with Norton today is that their more concerned about feeding you pop ups on products that used to be in older versions years ago and cherry picked out utilities and anti track to make you pay additional costs for the same items, if you look hard enough, that can be installed on your pc for free. With their outlandish yearly renewal fees and expensive product add ons one would pay over $500 alone just to have Norton on your pc. What used to be a more "bang for your buck" product has now become a "pay us more" product. But when you have a marketing department running the show that's what we get. Another company more concerned about profit than the actual product they sell. Why do you think customers have all these issues with Norton. Because they don't care about quality it's about quantity $$$$$$. Beware they will contact you four months before your subscription expires to verify the credit card you have on file has enough on it to cover the renewal fees because they will charge you the new renewal rate a month or more before your actual subscription date expires. That's why I always use a dummy debit card with $2.00 on so they can't rip me off.

To get rid of the annoying pop ups that don't go away go to your taskbar and click the X on the highlighted pop up and it will go away.

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