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Why remote scan by Norton technician before renewal?

(Case number 77497899)

I contacted Norton on Chat Bot to see if my renewal price could be a little less expensive as the exact same product was £20 cheaper elsewhere.

I was very concerned that the assistant who called me wanted me to install something called, "Supremo" so he could control my laptop. I very reluctantly did as asked as he said it was the only way he could help me. The conversations we had and scans that he did took about half an hour. I ended the call and removed the installed Supremo but felt a bit stupid and concerned about the access I'd given.

If this was legitimate, why was a scan necessary. If I just renewed via the email reminder that my subscription was expiring, there wouldn't have been this scan and resulting stress that I'd done something stupid.

I contacted support on their Facebook page looking for reassurance, but even that gave contradicting advice - "run Norton Power Eraser", "an assistant would never call you unless you requested a call" (I didn't!) and finally, "you should be threat free".

Why is seeking a better price so time consuming and stressful?




Re: Why remote scan by Norton technician before renewal?

i would question if you got a actual norton support in chat if they are making you do a "supremo" or whatever scan if you are inquiring about a  renewal ( rather suspicious).

second mistake was allowing them to do this

who knows what they got off your device or installed

if you are not sure after contacting them on facebook, i would call them ( actaul norton not a imposter) and inquire

as to your renewal amount, that will vary by what product(s) services you have etc..

there auto renewal tends to be higher amount than normal from what i have seen


Re: Why remote scan by Norton technician before renewal?

Thanks for that. Yes, I felt rather stupid after what I'd done. My only excuse was the call I received was after logging in to the official Norton website, used their official chatbot which asked me for my contact number (I thought for verification purposes).

My concern was really, when wanting to discuss renewal prices, why I should let the assistant who called me scan my computer after telling me it was the only way he could help me? I'm beginning to believe it was a genuine Norton adviser who called me and that it might have been a very long marketing ploy to get me to buy additional Anti-scam software. If so. that's despicable.

Still not had a satisfactory answer from Norton even after a lengthy Facebook chat with them.

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