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Have both Norton Family and Norton Deluxe 360

Greetings:  Presently I am subscribing to both Norton Family as well as Norton 360 Deluxe.   I do believe that Norton 360 Deluxe actually contains within it some kind of Parental Controls.   I would love to drop Norton Family and simply maintain Norton 360 Deluxe if someone would explain to me: 1)  How would I engage and regularly manage Parental Controls under Norton 360 Deluxe?   Also since I have already set Parental Controls under Norton Family:  2) Can I simply drop my subscription for Norton Family and maintain the exact same Parental Controls that I had already engaged under Norton Family or would I by necessity have to go into some particular feature of Norton 360 Deluxe and both engage as well as regularly monitor Parental Controls ?



Re: Have both Norton Family and Norton Deluxe 360

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