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1 kid not monitored


I recently bought 360 Deluxe and have set it up on my iPhone, everything seems to be workng fine. I added my childs iPhone, following the instructions, RQ cods etc. It showed as ok for a few hours. Now Norton Family shows "<insert childs name here> is currently not being monitored." I tried installing it again on the childs iPhone, it worked for a few hours, now it's not montiored again. Both iPhones running latest IOS version and latest Norton version.

I've been queueing to Nortons chat for ages, but it keeps switching between "An agent will be with you shortly" and "your number X in queue" great service!

Can someone on the forum help me? Close to giving up and trying some other application.



Re: 1 kid not monitored

I have asked this thread be moved to the Norton Family forum board for better exposure.

How old is your child? Children these days can be very adept at bypassing monitoring software.

As for Support Chat. Try contacting them at different times of day. I have seen wait times over an hour, and I have been connected immediately depending on what time of day I try.


Re: 1 kid not monitored

Thanks for your reply. My child isn't old enough and has no clue about the software. I'm still trying to find a good solution. The IOS client on her iPhone just stops contacting Norton Family. Says it's offline. 

I'm a complete newbie to this software, so just wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

If I go to the Norton Family app on the childs iPhone it says Error ID: 25e50901-8444-4758-a9c8-931511b6a422


Re: 1 kid not monitored

Hi @Froblblargh,

Could you please share a screenshot of the error via Private message?

Thanks and Regards,

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