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11/17 and still no NIS4 update

Well, when will the lies stop?  It's 11/17 and still no NIS update....Wow I'm glad I paid $80 plus yearly fees to get the shaft over and over...

Symantec you ****!

Shame on you people for the horrible customer service, extremely lazy engineers who couldn't get out a product update if there lives depended on it, and lastly for the extreme amount of deception and lies.

I'm over Symantec and from all the upset customer so is a large portion of your customer base!  Kiss off, I'll go with a company that ACTUALLY had an update for SL within days. If everyone else could do it, why couldn't Symantec?  And your excuse about plug-ins is a blatant lie! If other companies managed, Symantec, the LARGEST could have too...

Guess, you felt like working from 8-801 everyday was enough.... 



Re: 11/17 and still no NIS4 update

Wow.  It's barely 8AM on the west coast, and you're upset that the update isn't available yet?

Perhaps it would be better to hold off complaining until the 17th is over, and you actually find out if it came out today or not.


Re: 11/17 and still no NIS4 update

Yeah your on the WEST coast....East cost here, and 11am EST is more then enough time. Symantec has lied and promised and PUSHED back the release date numerous times already...

So yeah, it should be out 8am at the latest in my book...As for your comments....Just think of what I'm thinking bout what to tell you...then just don't saying anything anymore.... 

Kudos2 Stats

Re: 11/17 and still no NIS4 update

We are still on track to release today. We'll let you know when it's posted, but again because of Akamai, it won't be available right away in all parts of the world (this happens to Apple too, who is also an Akamai partner). Usually it takes 30 minutes to replicate. 


Message Edited by Tim on 11-17-2009 06:38 PM
Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

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